Digging to Chinatown

Sunday, May 22, 2016Digging to Chinatown - Heilenville (v2)
11:00 a.m.
Japanese American Museum of San Jose

*** NEARING CAPACITY. If sold out, rush tickets may be available at the event. ***

DIGGING TO CHINATOWN (2016, 45 min., documentary).  No one knows more about San Jose’s several Chinatowns than historian Connie Young Yu (Chinatown, San Jose, USA).  Now, teaming up with documentarian Barre Fong, Yu has produced the story of Heinlenville, the original Chinatown buried under today’s Japantown.

This documentary shows how archaeologists, activists and historians have dug to a buried Chinatown known as Heinlenville, and brought to light a place of enterprise, culture and  community. Told through historic images, footage of the excavation, interviews of descendants and archaeologists, it is a story for the ages – a people’s history, never to be forgotten or buried again.

Program:  A conversation with historian Connie Young Yu (Chinatown, San Jose, USA), historical preservationist Leslie Masunaga and filmmaker Barre Fong.  Moderated by Tom Izu, Executive Director, California History Center.