Among B-Boys

ABB - Dancer (R.J. Lozada)
Photo by R.J. Lozada

Saturday, May 21, 2016
11:00 a.m.
Northside Community Center

AMONG B-BOYS (2011, 60 min., documentary).  A counter-story to fictional Hmong American narratives, filmmaker/beatmaker/dancer Christopher (Paper Son) Woon’s documentary explores the intersection of rugged urban b-boyin’ (breakdancing) and the traditional roots of Hmong culture. Instead of the usual generational conflict, Among B-Boys unveils a story of the modern and the traditional affirming one another, visually weaving between the older generation’s memory of ethnicity and war and the younger generation’s toprocks, footwork, freezes and power-moves.

Focusing on three breakers – Underground Flow’s Mpact and Villn, and Sukie of Velocity/Soul Rivals Crew – the film reveals the path towards b-boy cultural citizenship in America, but continually steers us back to their families, history and community. Produced as a short in 2004 and originally focused on the California Central Valley, Among B-Boys follows the expansion of the Hmong community into the Midwest, with its main protagonists now in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

ABB - filmmaker (flat)

Program:  Dialogue with director Christopher Woon, Seattle WA, and co-producer, cinematographer RJ Lozada, San Jose.